Tailz TV is GO!

Yes it's finally here...After months of editing, uploading then not wanting to bother with editing anymore, we've committed what some might call ‘rock n roll hari kari' by launching Tailz TV - our very own online TV station - in full jaw dropping ‘warts and all' technicolour!

Go to www.tailz.tv and feast for free on a whole host of Tigertailz filmed delights...Tour diaries, live footage, promo material, interviews, misdemeanors, never seen before gems and way too much honesty!..This is the definitive Tigertailz visual experience...And there's more to come, so keep checking back, the site will be updated regularly!

Also if you're creatively minded and ever so slightly twisted you may also want to download your favourite bits and edit some footage yourself - if we like it, we'll upload it!

We love this site, hope you do too. Drop by the message board and tell us what you think...



PS Thanks to Spindogs for their creative help and know how and Gaz. E for that image of Jay!