Tailz No longer Hooked

Tigertailz remaining original members Jay Pepper and Ace Finchum have parted company with Kim Hooker.

A short statement reads as follows:

Relieved to be honest.. We’re obviously disappointed that Kim’s gone but things have deteriorated to such a point that the band looked like it would never play or record again.  So something had to give.  And we’d just reached a point where we couldn’t agree on anything anymore - and one of the biggest issues being Sarah’s departure.   Since then things have just gone from bad to worse and we’ve all had enough so time to move on.

But this isn’t life or death.. This is just a band trying to have some fun making music and playing some great Live shows.

So if anyone out there thinks they have the right credentials to be the new Tigertailz frontman then we’d love to hear from you.

Please send your info to  management@tigertailz.co.uk

Let’s hope this isn’t the end of the Tailz journey and we see you all soon.  Keep the faith..

Jay & Ace