The Shoe CollectorQuick update:  Currently working on writing new TT songs with a view to getting something out by the end of the year.  Will most likely be an EP based around Pepsi’s film  called ‘The Shoe Collector’ / or maybe some new tunes will appear on the forthcoming Tailz Box Set.

Box Set – We’re currently in discussions with a US label about releasing ‘everything’ (and I mean everything) Tailz has ever done..  This will be a mammoth undertaking as we’re up to around 130 songs so far.  This will include demos / Live Bootlegs never before released or heard by fans.  As I say, this is a huge project and will take some time.  And if the US label thing doesn’t work I’ll do it on my own.

Pepsi Film ‘THE SHOE COLLECTOR’.  Before he passed away Pepsi made a short film called the ‘SHOE COLLECTOR’

Like everything Pepsi did the film is class and a high-quality production and deserves to be seen.  Unfortunately, I only have the off-line low-res copy of the film but am trying to see if I can get the finished copy.  Either way I plan to make this available along with a song of the same title which I’ve have written to go with the his film.  I am also looking to write a short story to accompany the film which will go hand-in-hand with some of the new tunes.  A draft pic of the EP cover is shown here:


Hoping to release a new Young & Crazy shirt circa 1987.  Just trying to get Pepsi’s artwork digitised.  If this comes out ok it should be a very cool shirt.  Watch this space.

SHAMELESS album featuring CHERIE CURRIE from the RUNAWAYS.!!

Alexx Michael has kindly asked me to play guitar on a couple of tunes for the new SHAMELESS album featuring CHERIE CURRIE from the RUNAWAYS.!!

This is a great honour for me as I had the Runaway’s albums as a kid…  So awesome to be playing on tracks with Cherie 30+ years later..  Currently working on these tracks as we speak.  Should be available later this year…

Thanks again to you all for your support. Be back soon…


 P.S. Never Surrender…