Tailz Breakout of the Blakout.!!

TT_2013Tigertailz are delighted to announce the return of Matt Blakout on drums.

Matt re-joins the Tailz line-up after a three year absence and teams up with Jules Millis (vocals), Rob Wylde (Bass) and Jay Pepper (guitar).

The band are currently in Red Rock Studios in South Wales recording tunes for the new 5 x track EP titled ‘Knives

Track listing as follows:

1. The Shoe Collector
2. One Life
3. Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You
4. Spit it Out
5. Punched In The Gutz

Tigertailz have already secured a record deal for the release of the ‘Knives’ EP and a further press release will be issued to announce that deal in the coming days, along with a release date.

Jay Pepper say's on Matt's return:

"I'm absolutely delighted to see Matt back in Tigertailz. Not only is he a great solid drummer and true professional, but a lovely guy too...

Matt also brings stability to the Tailz line-up which, after 3 years of grief, is more than welcome. 

It's really great to have him back and be working together again. And we're already well under way and motoring along in the studio working on new Tailz tracks for the EP."