Knives EP Draws First Blood..


More than two decades after the release of 'Bezerk' - an album that defined the whole turn-of-the-decade glam metal zeitgeist - Tigertailz roll on to new and fairer horizons. Greater challenges met head-on by bigger riffs, sharper solos, melt-yer-brain vocals and hooks heavy and dark enough to reel in not only 'Jaws' but all the sequels too.
New five-track EP 'Knives', which will be released next September by Scarlet Records, is the first new music from Tigertailz in almost six years, a new dawn that sees the band step it up on every level. Founder member Jay Pepper has reunited with long-time drummer Matt Blakout to create – with singer Jules Millis and bassist Rob Wylde – a savage statement of intent. Matt, who has recently played with Mott The Hoople star Verden Allen, returns to the band at a pivotal moment in its history. A time when it sounds hungrier than ever, and when the 'Knives' are most definitely sharpened.
The road rolls on for a hungry, revitalised Tigertailz. From a band that has survived challenges so bizarre that most wouldn't even believe it, expect blow-your-mind live performances, and in 'Knives' some new generation Tigertailz music to rally the clans. In fact, a competition to win a signed copy of the new EP attracted over 10,000 'hits' in less than three hours! It's a resurgence to make fans young and old proud of this classic Welsh metal band. The best advice right now is to brace yourselves... for the latest news.