Awesome Tailz Competition...


Jay Pepper Comp


As Jay says… This Kramer is the real deal.. I have a few of these and I love them.. and I get them customised to suit what we do. They’re not fake copies or off-the-shelf guitars anyone can buy. This is truly a one-off guitar.. It comes with original Floyd Rose trem, Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pick-up and is custom painted with the Tailz Bastard & skull image - which was done by my tattoo guy Chis Hatton from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff. The Tailz fans have been truly great over the last few years so I wanted to give them something special back for all the support. And this is as good as it gets… Thanks again and good luck to everyone who enters..!!!





To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize..

You need to show you are the biggest Tailz Maniac out there!!!!

So how do you do this?

Well you have to do as much as you can to spread the Tailz name, Shoe Collector Video, Knives EP, Tour, and this competition to the masses!!!

We want to see you:

Liking the Tailz page on FB
• Sharing the Tailz comp and commenting on it!
• Following the @TailzOfficial on Twitter
• Re-Tweeting the Tailz comp
• Watching the new Tailz Shoe Collector video - lots.. and commenting on it on YouTube
• Sharing the Shoe Collector vid!
• Embedding the new video
• Requesting Tailz tracks on radio stations
• Buying the Knives EP
• Buying tickets for the Knives Out Tour..
• Posting up your best Tailz pics of us on FB and Twitter for us to see..
• Posting up Tailz pics of you wearing a Tailz t shirt on our FB and Twitter..
• Posting up your Tailz tattoos pics on our FB and Twitter
• Starting threads on festival forums asking for the Tailz to play!
• Emailing us on with your email address for our mailing list and also with your proof of purchases of your EP/Ticket/Merch sale..
• Even send us your craziest Tailz memories and we'll post 'em up!
• And anything else you can think of.. It will ALL count towards your entry to this comp!!!

We will be keeping a very CLOSE eye on your efforts indeed.. and keep a league table of the highest placed in the comp.. And on Sunday December 1st we will announce the absolute winner!!

Good luck everyone and only serious Tailz Maniacz need apply!!!