Classic Rock Video Premiere

Classic Rock is proud to premiere the new video from Tigertailz. View The Shoe Collector below.

The track takes pride of place in the Welsh band’s upcoming five-track EP Knives, due on October 15
 via Scarlet Records, and it’s based on a short film written and directed by former band member the late Pepsi Tate.
Both launches mark a major step on Tigertailz’ road back from the brink. Earlier this year guitarist Jay Pepper explained the band might not have a future. Now he tells Classic Rock: “Despite being ‘Punched In The Gutz’ a million times and suffering more setbacks than most people experience in their lifetime… we’re back!
“If you loved Bezerk and that big Tailz sound of the 80 and 90s, Knives ticks all the boxes. It’s back to our roots with big melodic hooks, big choruses and even bigger guitar riffs.”
The Shoe Collector was inspired by a short film written and directed by the late Pepsi Tate, who died of cancer in 2007. Pepper says: “We thought the Tailz fans across the world would love to see the film and it would be a great idea to write a song to go with it.
“That led to the idea of releasing a video containing clips of the film – then to releasing the film as it was originally made by Pepsi. We also want to keep the focus on the charity started by his wife Shan, called Amser Justin Time.”
Tigertailz tour the UK next month:
 Nov 14: Bolton Railway
 Nov 15: Cardiff Bogiez
 Nov 16: Ballymena Diamond
 Nov 20: York Fibbers
 Nov 21: London Underworld
 Nov 22: Corby Zombie Hut
 Nov 23: Norwich Waterfront
 Nov 25: Edinburgh Bannermans
 Nov 27: Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
 Nov 28: Grimsby Yardbirds
 Nov 29: Consett Club That Rocks
Knives tracklist
01. The Shoe Collector
 02. One Life
 03. Don’t Bite The Hand
 04. Spit It Out
 05. Punched In The Gutz