Classic Rock Premier new One Life Video:

 Shock rock heroes TIGERTAILZ step into 2014 bolder and with more confidence than ever before with the release of a video for new song 'One Life'. It's the second video to be released from the band's recent comeback EP 'Knives' (Scarlet Records), described by 'Kerrang!' as “a claws-out return as shock rock vets strike back”.

 Featuring footage of the band on the road during their extensive UK 'Knives' tour last November, 'One Life' sends out a strong anti-war message, and pays poignant homage to the men and women who serve their countries, as well as the thousands of civilians  who have been lost to war. With 2014 also marking the centenary of the outbreak of World War One and the 70th anniversary of D-Day, that message seems both relevant to today and steeped in history.

Guitarist Jay Pepper had this to say about 'One Life' and the band's plans for 2014:

‘One Life’ is dedicated to the allied servicemen and women currently fighting overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq - and also the thousands of civilian lives that have been lost in the recent wars within the region. 

But it’s also a reminder of the tragic loss of life in any war.   Syria being the latest debacle.   It seems we just never learn..

 Most of us can only imagine what it feels like to endure death and destruction on a daily basis.  But hopefully the lyrics in some way capture what goes through someone’s mind when their caught up in such devastating situations.

If the song brings some small comfort to one person then it was worth writing..

Writing is well underway for 'Daggers' with plans to start recording in March 2014.   This will be the second EP release from the band's current incarnation, with release expected this summer.

The band have the following dates in Europe and the UK:

14 March - Star Club, Switzerland Switzerland

15 March - Paunchy Cats, Germany Germany

21 March - Hard Rock Hell AOR, Wales Northern Ireland